13 Hats

13 Hats is a collective of eleven visual artists and writers who came together in Portland, Oregon, in 2011 to pursue interdisciplinary work and creative dialogue through group interaction and collaboration.

Supported in part by a Project Grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, the collective embarked upon an ambitious series of public manifestations (readings, publications, and exhibitions) in 2012, which will culminate in the first half of 2013 with exhibitions and performances in Portland and Seattle, and new publications, including the launch of The Feralist, a 36-page full-color tabloid journal of West Coast art and literature.

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Mission Statement

13 Hats is an artists’ working group that exists to facilitate the creation of new work by its members, provide a platform for sharing that work with audiences, and develop models of collective strategies that might inspire or be adopted by other groups. In the pursuit of a collective inquiry and practice, the group as a whole functions as a resource for all the members — an incubator, community of concern, and shared source of labor and ideas. Through an evolving, democratic process, 13 Hats looks for new ways to invigorate member artists and connect them with their community.