13 Hats

Projects : Monthly Boxes

From August 2011 through May 2012, each member of 13 Hats created a new work for the monthly meeting. The works were designed to be included in a box; each month, a different Hat received the task of selecting the box for the following month.

In many instances, Hats took the opportunity of the box project to work in a medium other than their metier; changing hats, and opening up new avenues of exploration.

These collective creations function as time capsules, tracking and documenting the evolving group dynamic, leading to many of the collaborative projects pursued simultaneously and since.

Tin Box (August 2011)

Tin Box

First Aid Field Kit (September 2011)

Banker’s Box (October 2011)

Seed Saver Box (November 2011)

130 Cardboard Boxes (December 2011)

Milk Crate (January 2012)

Carved Pine Toolbox (February 2012)

Cat Carrier (March 2012)

Jigsaw Puzzle Box (April 2012)

Leaves of Grass Box (May 2012)