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Projects : Monthly Boxes : Banker’s Box (October 2011)

Mixed media, 12″ × 15¼″ × 10½″

Box selected by Jim Neidhardt

  • Banker's Box
  • Banker's Box
  • Banker's Box

Click thumbnails to enlarge. Photographs by Kerry Davis.

  • David Abel: Worth (mixed media)
  • Anna Daedalus: Rapture with Gameboy study
  • Kerry Davis: Profit (mixed media)
  • Endi Bogue Hartigan: “diary of clocks in a day” (photo sequence with text)
  • Maryrose Larkin: banker’s box
  • Jim Neidhardt: untitled (photocopies)
  • Standard Schaefer: “Fees Dues: A Communist Falsetto”
  • Robert Schlegel: Insecure Security (mixed media)
  • Robert Tomlinson: Barter (mixed media with text)
  • James Yeary: “Spectral Cannon Part 7 or Aubade” (poem)