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Projects : Monthly Boxes : Jigsaw Puzzle Box (April 2012)

Mixed media, 12¼″ × 9¾″ × 3″

Box selected by Endi Bogue Hartigan

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Box
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Box
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Box

Click thumbnails to enlarge. Photographs by Kerry Davis.

  • David Abel: Who Is Hiding in Noah’s Ark? (mixed media)
  • Jen Coleman: Cloud Puzzle (object poem)
  • Anna Daedalus & Robert Tomlinson, with Leo Daedalus: the hand that closes on the object (folded photographic broadside with text)
  • Kerry Davis: Collaboration/Appreciation (mixed media)
  • Endi Bogue Hartigan & James Yeary: untitled (collaborative poem)
  • Jim Neidhardt: Number Stations (drawing)
  • Standard Schaefer: “A Topia: A Report from the Center for the Study of Imaginative Tactics” (poem)
  • Robert Schlegel: Bird Puzzle (mixed media)
  • Robert Tomlinson: the specifics of you (mixed media)
  • James Yeary: untitled (broadside prototype)